Whether you are a small plumbing business or a big commercial/industrial contractor, you need an accurate estimate for

  • Bidding on jobs
  • Quoting Right prices to your clients
  • Material procurement from vendors

We’ll provide precise and accurate estimates that can help you win more and higher-quality work. Our experts are more than qualified to help. Our team assists plumbing contractors, both large and small, throughout Perth and become long-term partners to our clients, delivering professional tenders which win them more business and reduce their risk.

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Why Choose OTG Group For Plumbing Estimating Services?

Our Comprehensive
Plumbing Estimation Service

When you trust in OTG Group for your plumbing estimation service, you’re guaranteed practical, high standard outcomes. Professional clients engage us for a range of comprehensive plumbing estimates. These include residential, commercial and industrial plumbing works such as due diligence, feasibility studies to detailed concept designs. Clients also rely on us to provide budget estimates, cost plans and tender evaluations, as well as organize plumbing estimates, approvals and development applications, contract administration and construction support. Our services include hot and cold water systems, recycled cold water systems, sanitary plumbing and drainage, fire hydrant and hose reel services, hydraulic estimating and much more.

Bringing Over 20 Years Of Industry Experience

Russell brings over 20 years of industry experience to OTG Group. His career started as a plumbing apprentice before moving to a licensed plumbing contractor and evolving into becoming a commercial hydraulic estimator. Now, Russell and his small, Perth-based team are proud to have services a range of diverse clientele as Perth hydraulic and plumbing consultants. OTG Group have proudly worked on food processing facilities, fuel stations, recycling facilities, medical centres, mining accommodation camps, retail shopping centres and premium residential properties (just to name a few). If innovative hydraulic solutions and professional, cost-effective outcomes are important to you – rely on OTG Group. They're important to us too.
1 Our Principal Consultant, Russell Green